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how are you? or how is your day?

When ‘opportunity’ calling you can open a huge can of worms when asking a prospect ‘how are you? or how is your day?

Firstly its over familiar and secondly if the prospect has had a particularly bad day such as’ I’m being made redundant’, ‘my cat just died’ or ‘my partner has left me’ you could be stuck listening to someone rant and moan for up to 6 minutes before they stop to take a breath!

Remember your elevation speech, you have around 30 seconds to 2 minutes and with in those first few seconds you have to make your service or product sound interesting and value adding.

By asking the prospect an open question about their day leads you away from your sales call and by the time you can bring the prospect back around to listening to you again its time for them to get off the phone as the boss thinks its a person call!!

Just get straight into stating what benefits the prospects will get if they use your company and your product or service.

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