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Price, Service, Quality the big 3!

We want to concentrate today on something we all want and we want the best of it always wherever we go.

We pay for it and that’s why when we don’t get it we fee let down and we move on to someone or someplace else.


Price, Service, Quality the big 3!

If Price means lowest price, that works if you’re Tescos, but it’s a lot tougher for small business.

We believe if you get business because of price, you’ll lose it because of price – someone can always be cheaper!!

When thinking about Service and Quality,it’s what’s expected by our customers and we have to prove this especially after we have sealed the deal.

If your in a industry where the consumer can buy what your selling from 1,000’s of companies you need to make sure your service sets you apart from your competitors.

So figure out what sets you apart, then incorporate that into your Unique Selling Proposition (USP or elevator pitch) and your marketing message.

That will let your prospects know what their benefits will be when they work with you.

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