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Q3 Foot off the gas???

We are coming up to the 3rd quarter July, August and September are just around the corner!

The summer quarter! The months we all mentally take ourselves out of 5th gear and cruise into 4th!

What does that mean for you does profit go down as your staff and your customers go off on their holidays, does motivation dip a little as we all look forward to having some time out.

If things do go a little quiet what not take the time in Q3 to think about Q4!

We hit September the pace picks up we are back into 5th and we all want to get the last chunk of new business through our doors before quarter ends the pressure is on!

So in Q3 when things are a little quiet start planning to increase your sales, and profitably in Q4.

Identify better prospects, review your long term customers even pick up the phone and discuss their plans for 2014 and discuss your value strategy with them.

Start optimizing your time!

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