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Qualified Appointment Setting

Appointment Marketing is experienced at booking qualified appointments..

We do not consider ourselves to be “meeting machines”. squeezing out any old meeting just to hit targets, they have to be qualified.

Many of our clients who have used other telemarketing companies in the past have been sold unrealistic packages guaranteeing them a number of appointments which were never met.

Others have been sent half-way across the country sitting across a desk from someone who’s equally confused as to why they were there in the first place!!

When we start an appointment setting campaign we invest time and understanding into exactly what “qualified” means to our clients.

We take on board their sales process and make sure they will be meeting with the right prospect with the right level of authority and who is willing to “take the meeting”

The opportunity is then made for our client to develop a relationship with the prospect and discuss their service or product face to face.

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